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Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
Okay the situation:

There is me,my husband,my boyfriend and his best friend.

My boyfriends best friend is who I originally started seeing we met and he was with his friend we all hung out together a few times and then he decided not to continue the relationship. During this time me and his friend hooked up.
What were his reasons for leaving, and how long ago was this? Why does he want to come back?

If you've not come to terms with him leaving in the first place, is that why you may want to squeeze him in now?

Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
So now it has come up that my boyfriends best friend wants to see me again but there is conflict due to the fact that they are best friends and if something goes wrong between me and one of them that I would be one that would have to go.
How long have you been seeing the boyfriend, and is there perhaps any jealousy on the part of the best friend, now that boyfriend has someone (you) and best friend does not?

Just some questions that may lead to more insight about the situation ...

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