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Default looking vs. non-looking

I have a ad on one site, and I talk to a few people on that site. I look at profiles, and enjoy chatting to new people.

I don`t have profiles on any other site. I just don`t feel any urge. ***update,..ok,..that changed.***

Past that, I have no interest in the meet-n-greet type of poly settings/parties. I have met people from online, on a individual basis, but the meets always feel like a 'meet/meat' market to me.

So I guess,... to each their own ? Might just be a personality/previous experiences type of thing.

I have just started to 'see' someone whom I initially met online. It is still in its infancy, but I don`t believe there is anything about him, that is 'missing' from my primary partner, that I seek. I see it as icing on a great cake, not a cake that needs filler, to taste good.

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