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I find it respectful to my partners to let them know what is going on for me as soon as I know my self. It doesn't mean I HAVE to, its just considerate and as that is a value I hold high in poly, I act on it whenever I can. Each to their own I guess.

I certainly would want to know my partners journey regardless of where they are heading with it. I find it very disconnecting to suddenly have to catch up after something is already started. I like to know where they are, who they are meeting up with when and how its going. Not because I am control freak and want to monitor their every move, but because I would do that for them. Also because I have a really hard time with transitions and if they find someone and are in love, the transition of that is overwhelming to me.

Besides, finding new love and experiencing new things adds vitality and life to a relationship. Sometimes that can be really beneficial. Especially when the relationship is older and prone to getting in a rut.
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