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I can see valid points on both sides of what seems to be a 'debate' - which really isn't. Or shouldn't be.

A little common sense goes a long way in discussions like this and it's usually the first to get lost.

I agree that the manner of dress has only minimal impact on rape statistics. But oddly enough, the effect it can have doesn't end up necessarily being reflected directly on the wearer. The actual victim will likely be someone where the situation will afford the right opportunity. You can safely walk through the center of the mall with your ass hanging out and until/unless you step out the back door it won't matter. But some other poor, conservatively dressed gal that does step out back is just as likely to end up the victim.
All you can say is that you ( the sexy dressed person) potentially play some small role in that happening. It is what it is. You are neither solely responsible or completely innocent by adding to the tension that eventually "tips" that unbalanced person over.
The world is full of stimuli for that type of person. Eventually the tipping point will be reached.

Following, as Mon was attempting to point out, you can't toss a red marble in the center of a group of white ones and not expect it to get noticed. And 'noticed' with a potential rapist in the crowd is NOT what you want. So a little common sense can go a long way in protecting yourself. Do we LIKE it - to have to bend our personal preferences to the reality of the environment? Of course we don't ! But we have to also accept some personal responsibility for choices we make. If we want to walk the edge we have to acknowledge the risks.

I would be the last to look down on any gal because of her choice of clothing. But I DO question the logic behind it (as to appropriateness of environment). It IS a form of communication. What we wear IS a statement.
What statement are you trying to make - and why are you making it - here and now? It's back to the responsibility issue.
We DO have to take responsibility for the statements we make. It's just the nature of things.

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