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Glad it helps.

My friends right now are at an age balance I really like. I have some 20s, some 30s, some 40s, 50s, and even a few 60s.

Someone's always around to make me go "Aw, I remember that! Here's how I dealt with it. Crazy isn't it? Hang in there!" and I can try to help them while doing my memory lane deal. I remember turning 30. I threw a "dirty thirty" party for my turning XXX. Sangria and sillyness all around! Hee hee.

Someone's always around to make me go "Breathe! Breathe! It's a 40s dealio! Seriously! I had it when .... and I did.... Here's one of the cheat codes, dude! You can do it! It probably isn't all you need to level up, but you can do it! Find you way to the level up!"

(Amused. You can tell I was recently talking to a gamer friend. My 60s people would not know what "level up" MEANS, but they'd know what it IS in regards to Life.)


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