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Maybe I am just the wrong person to answer to this ^.^ I have never 'dated', I just in a way 'found' interesting people in my direct surroundings and developed deeper feelings for them with time. I know two people that are interested in me on a more than platonic level, despite the husband and boyfriend that are by my side. All told me "Because you are special ... " It's the same for me: I am fascinated by someone or I am not. The second thought is about the possibility, the first is what I like about this person and why.

Wouldn't those women you are talking about be happy with a man willing to be honest and open and invested in their realtionship? As they learned, even the most exciting and affectionate man will not be the right one to be with if he is lying and cheating on them. Of course, they need to see that the 'mono dream' won't come true with you. Maybe you are talking to the wrong women *scratches head*

And about the qualities: You know how to lead a successful, trusting, honest, satisfying and stable relationship (Guessing from what you described ). Those are qualities that said other men obviously don't have, don't you think?

[Maybe there will be others more qualified to answer your question, but I am wishing you luck on your way ]
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