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Thanks for responding AnnabelMore. Maybe I muddied the waters more than I should have--sorry, I'm trying to work through all of this in my head. I'm specifically talking about the emotional need for monogamy, and your points, even the religion angle, speak to other-than-emotional needs for monogamy. Granted, I did kind of lump all needs together somewhat in my initial post. That's because, I do believe for the overwhelming majority of monogamous people, even if they point to non-emotional factors such as religion, underlying emotional needs for it do still factor in quite heavily. It's been said there usually two reasons people do what they do: the reason they tell you and the real reason . I think you are highlighting the exceptions--which is good to point out--but I think they are just that...exceptions, quite rare ones.

And as Magdlyn pointed out, I do believe even the religion angle is historically rooted in these things. In fact, I tend to think they were huge factors in the invention and propogation of religion: "The big bad man in the sky says you are my property, so you better do as I say or else!"

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