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She said that the pregnancy was not planned, and she could not be sure who the Father was. Sometimes you just get a strong feeling about something, and I believed it was mine. I hoped that it was, I wanted it so bad that I* convinced myself that I was his Dad, even when Harry was born. I really can't tell you why I thought this way, it was not rational.

We were rational enough to know that we had to tell our parents about the nature of our poly relationship now. It did not go down well with my parents, or hers. To have to tell my Mother & Father that they may, or may not be grandparents was not easy. To describe my Dads reaction as disgusted, would not be an over exaggeration. It was not easy!

I set myself up for a fall, and I fell heavy. I was not the Father. When we found out, it was devastating for me. I was very upset, incredibly emotional, and I just wanted to escape the whole thing. She knew how much I was hurting, and she told me that she would one day want another child. She promised that she would make sure that I would be the Father.

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