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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Are poly people inherently more lonely than mono people and is that a contributing factor in wanting/needing more loves?
Some poly people may be more lonely than some mono people, but on average? I strongly doubt it.

What most poly people probably share in common is doubt about the possibility of any one person meeting all of our intimacy needs (or desires), and skepticism toward the commonly held belief that the only appropriate or proper way to meet our intimacy needs/desires is within the structure of monogamy.

Some will say to this, "But you can have very close friends with whom you don't share sexual intimacy..." (bla bla bla).... But I respond to this with "Why should I not also include physical and sexual intimacy, if my partners and I want that and it's okay with everyone with whom I'm involved "romantically"?

In any case, I don't think poly folk are, on average, any more "needy" or "greedy" than mono folk, or any more lonely, etc. We may be more adventurous, curious, and given to questioning social conventions, however!
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