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Originally Posted by Schmidt12 View Post
Ok here goes, so me and my girfriend have been talking about Polyamory recently. We are planning on getting married in 2 years, should we put the Polyamory talk on hold?
Up to you. I think everything should be on the table BEFORE marriage. But thats personal. Hell everything was on the table within the first week of meeting my now wife

And we have been talking in the form of a triad, but if it came down to it other than me she is more interested in women. And here's my thing, sometimes I'm ok with the thought of her with another man, other times it bugs me. I understand it isn't fair, but at the moment anyways men don't interest her. And having gone through this it makes me love her that much more because I understand the difficulty to accept it. Any tips? Advice?
Play it out in your head. Why don't you mind women vs men, figure that out. Is it sexual, emotional, male competition. You need to figure out why, in your head its different.

In some people its purely genital based. The woman can't "take" a woman like a man can. And yes I have read that. Its total bull, any man that has seen two women together knows it bullshit.

My wife started out that way too btw. In my head I kept preparing myself for the day she might find a male interest. It happened. ...
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