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OP, I'm sorry to interrupt, but the question begs to be asked:

You say you have 6 kids. One of them is the 4-month-old baby from this current fiancée/wife/wife-to-be/babbymomma who speaks/understands very little English.

You referred to putting your kids (plural) to bed. That tells us that you have at least one child from at least one other woman living with you, in addition to the new baby and its mother.

Where are all the other children and/or mothers of all your other children? How do THEY fit in with the hopes and dreams which you have shared with us here on this forum? How would you expect all these incoming "girls" to relate to your ALREADY EXISTING children and babbymommas?

I am guessing that you have a whole chapter in your notebook (or perhaps even a separate notebook) dedicated to addressing the logistics and other aspects of this dynamic. I'm sure you've thought about it in great detail and have it all planned out.

I bet I'm not the only person here who is curious about this. I look forward to finding out your answer.

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