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Originally Posted by evanevans View Post
What are you talking about? Absolutely not true. What did I say that made you think this? I'm sure I paraphrased something and it got taken in a different context or something, because that is completely not true about myself.
Well, for one thing, in the other thread you referred to poly folk as "more evolved" than mono folk. I notice that while you've answered most other posts in that thread, you have avoided the one where I commented on that. That doesn't seem terribly "open-minded" to me, to be honest, as I wrote in that other thread.

Look, so you had what was turning into the potential for a threesome - your girl was into that. Then you started pushing the idea of you with a bunch of women, of whom she was one. She doesn't go for that idea - she liked the idea of the sexual freedom, but not the member of a harem. The more you tried to cajole her and persuade her into thinking the way you did, the more she backed off, killing any chances of the threesome.

I don't know the specifics of what went on - truth is a three-edged sword and all that. Whatever happened, she wants a monogamous relationship with you, and is making it very obvious to you that this isn't negotiable. You could respect those wishes, and not try to be "selling" her on the idea of your fantasy. If polyamory is *your* bottom line, then the two of you are quite simply not compatible.

You said that you want a place with you a a few "girls" that you could "take care of" - and you said that they could have outside relationships (presumably sexual) with men, because you are not the jealous type - what would happen if your current partner decided that she wanted a man to live with you and her? Would you be fine with that too? (This last is kind of academic, since she has said that she isn't interested in that style of relationship)

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