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Default Letting go of my white picket fence

So I'm in the process of letting go of what I thought my life would be like. It's freakin hard! I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had, especially career-wise, but I didn't love my first real job and I'm transitioning out of it within the next year and a half. At pretty much the same time I make this huge decision, my couple comes into my life and wants to make us a triad. I want to...we've had a rough road (I have a personal summary on the newest page) but I love having them in my life. My hang-up is letting go of that white picket fence, the soulmate man (I think I would like to identify as mono more than I actually am), the happily-ever-after marriage and adventures. I get resentful sometimes for little things, because B and H are married and have gotten to do their wedding, newlywed thing, get to play normal happy couple to his parents. I wonder, has anyone else been here? I'm not bound and determined to have those things...I'm a fairly independent and somewhat rational person...but every so often I get all indignant that I might never have in-laws. It's weird. How did you deal?
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