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Originally Posted by bella123456 View Post
Yes, welcome

I'd be interested to hear from you - I've travelled through Turkey - Loved it !

Certainly a country that may be a little more conservative in terms of sexuality than many other countries...which I think would add elements to your struggles, elements that many on these forums don't face. I'm sure you have much insight to offer..

It's really nice to hear from people across the globe, I wish you well and feel you show a openess of mind that will put you in good stead.
well yes certainly it adds a bit more burden. for instance, her parents do not even know that we live together, although my family knows and visits us occasionally as we visit them. families and even some close friends do not know many things including poly!

add to that most probably both of us being bisexual and working (I as volunteer, she as lawyer) in an lgbt rights association =)

all feedback appreciated about our situation by the way,

thanks again!
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