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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Hi and welcome,

Referring to post # 5 ...communication skills and past issues do " you" think you had a happy marriage.

The reason I ask is ...poly never fixed a bad or suffering marriage.

And if you had problems and issues arising from poor communication .....this definitely not a good sign. One could argue this is the land of over communication.

Are you involved in kink? Or is poly lumped in with other alternative lifestyles?

How " out" of the closet was she planning to be.
We've had our ups and downs, but for the most part I would say I was/am happy with our marriage.

No active involvment in kink. But when she first brought up the Poly desires, she also said she had submissive urges. So not only was I dealing with everything that comes along with opening the marriage, I was also struggling with what being submissive meant. She talked with a Dom for a couple months... I guess he was mentoring her, she never told me everything that was going on... but the last two or three weeks, she hasn't talked to him at all. She indicated that she realized the BDSM scene wasn't for her, but that she still felt a need to explore other relationships.

I don't think she is planning on telling anyone other than a couple of her closest friends. One of whom is also Poly, and is probably the main reason my wife decided it was what she needed too.
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