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Thank you, both

A couple things that occurred to me over time that are a bit unrealistic for a typical marriage are:

1) It's really expecting a lot of a partner to be able to support most of ones interests in a relationship (i.e. me and my wife work well together in terms of the home and children but don't share a lot of common interests outside that).


2) If you truly care about someone (which should be ideal in a marriage) then placing unnecessary chains or impediments on the person is only limiting and doesn't improve the quality of life for a partner.

I admit my wife is better in the second respect than I am in that she's very giving, though we've stayed together because we compliment each other well and don't expect each other to make lots of sacrifices, so it's a comfortable relationship, though I admit if she was very interested in having another man involved, it would take a lot of patience for me to get comfortable with that (then again, I have spent a lot of time trying to assure my wife I'm not going anywhere and she doesn't have much reason to not trust me, so that's why she's not too worried).

As a sidenote, about 5 months ago I met a woman from Canada on-line on a physics forum and began talking with her quite a bit. She's a very intelligent lady (too bad she lives so far away ) and for various reasons, one of which I know was due to the attraction to her, for weeks I was almost literally floating on "cloud 9" , though she also had some interesting spiritual views and it was just a life changing experience. (Here's a related link:

I love science, technology and mathematics etc. (and have received quite a few academic awards and worked in a variety of industries), but I realized that in the end it's really emotions that run the show and that's really where all the purposes and directions in life arise from, but it appears logic is neutered in some respects and some things can only be known or experienced personally and the sciences are in some ways limited to just providing some tools to use in life, but you've got to improvise your own way from there ... anyway, it was just a lot of personal insights that opened up a lot of new horizons in life and it's time to pursue them (and that's done best in good company ).

Thanks again

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