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Default Decent man

Hello to all,
My name is Travis and I am married to very wonderful woman whom I dont plan to ever leave, and I am available. So if you ok with that then yes please respond. Here is a little history on me if you care to know; I have been married 2 times now, I have 3 step kids whom I love as my own, I have no kids of my own as of now. I love kids though and love my family. I am Poly down to the core, but my wife is not, she does allow me to have other relationships though and knows everything, I dont hide nothing from her.

Now about me, I am 5ft 7in brown hair, baby blue eyes, 190 pounds, so im not skinny but not over weight either. I am Pagan following Celtic and Wicca. I am a freelance writer, a disabled Vet. I love anything to do with the outdoors, auto racing, gaming, walking, dinning out, movies, poetry, music, spending time with family and friends.

What I am looking for is a woman between 18 and 40. I dont care about looks so much, but i do need to have a physical attraction as well. Great personallity, good since of humor, outgoing, kind, non jealous, compasionate, loves kids, respects me, wife and kids. Smart but not to smart. can have fun at home or out. self reliant (dont need a man to take care of them), honesty, non lazyness.

my major turn offs are lazyness, dishonesty. everything else is a case by case issue. My turn ons are a good girl with a bitchy attitude and tattoos, percings, dress to impress but leave some to imagination.

Want to know more about me please feel free to ask, I am open book and dont hide nothing.
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