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My back is still healing and I am still needing to take it easy. It's kinda tough to not feel like myself, but I guess I just have to accept it. I've been through a lot in the past year and need to regroup, I guess.

That one cute poly guy (nickname PolyGuy) I 5 starred, he did PM me back, we PMed back and forth some, and I read his Q&A's. Turns out he seems to be close to asexual, and of course, that wouldn't be acceptable. I haven't heard from him since my last message, maybe he's intimidated by my sexuality.

Since I answered a few new questions on okc, I started getting messages from interested guys. One of them (HornyOldGuy) seemed OK at first, but he just couldn't stop with the aggressively sexual chat and innuendo, as if it was a foregone conclusion he'd soon be bedding me, and quite possibly bedding my partners as well. Once I requested he tone down the sexual chat, he stopped PMing me.

I think he thinks me being polyamorous means I am hot to trot with anyone, a sexbot or nymphomaniac. Yuck.

So, the above, one too asexual, another too focused on sex. Then there is a 3rd guy, who seems to be somewhere in the middle. Problem is, I don't really find his looks appealing, I can't imagine kissing him! He's nice and all, but seems kind of depressed and lonely, perhaps desperate.

Then I've also gotten the usual one liner messages from about 10 guys in a 3 days, variations on, "You are very beautiful and attractive and seem like someone I would like to get to know," type of thing. Guys, you're so obvious. You get your dick out, look at photos, and increase your excitement by messaging the women you look at, never mind who she is as a person, or whether you share any interests with her at all. What makes them think this is OK?

Anyway, this all reminds me of my long search for a bf before I met Ginger. I think he's enjoying talking to women more than I am enjoying talking to new men, because, face it, women are nicer than men! (Generally speaking.) I've been telling him about my interactions with these new men. Basically, I am bored waiting for my back to heal, but talking to new men is (so far) frustrating and off putting. I'd be better off just reading a book.
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