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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my house... miss p was having a 2nd date, finally, with this subbie boy interest of hers. I found out in the evening it went well, sexy/kinky, they had fun.

Ginger had been telling me in the morning he wanted to go see miss p to vent about Buddhist and get support. miss p's date was from 11am to 2pm and that is very early for her, so she napped afterwards and then I got the idea Ginger did go over to her from about 6-9pm. He vented, she cuddled, then I was awkwardly told by both of them that they kissed and got naked and he gave her oral sex.

Once again I was overwhelmed with just too much info. I am bad at being poly! I can't take all this in, all these partners my partners are having. I slept badly and dreamt of murder and riots. sigh...

Today we "girls" drive back across the state to my sister's. Aunt will be with us til Tuesday night, then she flies home to NY and I am staying til next Saturday. I hope things mellow out. I want to enjoy my snowless vacation and try to de-stress.
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