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Funny thing about the whole unicorn business is that I actually DO see HBB's on Fetlife in the local personal ads groups, looking to join a couple.

Actually, I see that more than I see couples there seeking a "third" (of the female unicorn persuasion.)

The more common thing I see though is bi guys looking to share sex with a couple, and couples looking to do the hotwife thing, although singles (men or women) looking for other singles to hook up or partner up are the most common.

I'm just saying that I've seen enough unicorns to conclude that they aren't really all that mythical.

The question that remains, for me, though, is the viability longterm of the relationship model, as I've heard an awful lot of not-success-stories. And I certainly do see lots of bright eyed, bushy tailed couples cheerfully popping up in the community "seeking our third" and shortly after finding that it's not easy for one reason or another. Honestly...I would really like to hear more success stories from people who have done the closed FMF thing and made it work longterm. I'd like to believe that where there's a will, there's a way. And for something that so many people WANT, there's got to be some of 'em out there actually managing to pull it off, right?
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