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Hi all,

I had an account previously (2009) but I have a feeling I went too long without using it and it may have been deleted. Oops!

I'm Lemonhead, 31, married since 2004 to my husband, with him since 2000. We have been poly since our first month together, though we didn't know it had a name till 2009. We have a 7-year-old daughter.

We started out in an "arrangement" where I could see other women and we would sometimes have threesomes, since we met when I was very young (18) and had only just come out as bi, and he felt it was important for me to explore that. After having our daughter, we found ourselves in a triad and LOVED it. Unfortunately it ended due to extraneous circumstances after about six months. Since then (the past 3.5 years), we have each been dating separately - my husband dates women and I date men and women.

I am currently seeing a married man; have a gay boyfriend (my favourite! That's his label by the way... I know it could be offensive. It's meant to be silly. We make out and watch cartoons); and a long-time on-again, off-again female lover who is married and sort of semi-long distance.

Oh and I was part of a three-person team that started the poly group in my city! Yay!
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