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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Do you do anything together with your husband?

What I mean, is sometimes you want to spend time with him, but don't have anything to talk about, so it's very frustrating to have a conversation.

Mr. A and I frequently play games together or watch movies "together". It's nice to hear his voice and laughter and spend time with him even though I have nothing new to say. We also cam and have phone sex to keep a "physical" aspect going when we can't be with each other.

I would say that the time he's spending with his new gf would not be an issue if you felt like all of your needs were being met? If you try to fix the problem of not having those needs met, you will be surprised at how the time he spends with his gf will become less of a problem for you.
So are you talking about watching movies and playing games online or something? That's an idea... I'll have to try to figure out something. We did used to have skype dates every week or two, and some phone sex/video sex, but we haven't done that in... oh, about a month! LOL... so yeah, since he's had the GF our communication has been rarer and mostly conversations about what's going on with that relationship and my feelings about that relationship. Argh! I'll talk to him about getting that back online for sure...

Yeah, I realize that my feelings are all because I'm NOT getting my needs met, it's just been hard for me to figure out how to do that without actual physical touch. The video and stuff helps for sure, but yeah, definitely need more conversations about US and more sharing of fun things, not always talking about the practical stuff...
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