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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
I tend to think there'd be absolutely nothing (or very little, anyway) wrong with these women if they weren't dating your husband. If she's "dramatic," it's because you guys are in a dramatic situation that pits your ego and needs against hers. It's not because her personality is just naturally dramatic.
I don't know...There are lots of women (and a few men) that seem very "dramatic" to me - their lives just seem to go from one crisis to another (not just romantically). Dude's ex-girlfriend (CrazyGirl) is like this. Several times a week she would call with some "damsel in distress" call - someone was in the hospital, someone was arrested, she lost her lisence, she locked herself out of her house, she went on a date and almost got date-raped (6 times in a 3 month period), she lost her friends at a concert and can't get home, etc. etc. Maybe she just has bad luck but it seems to me that some people don't seem to consider the consequences of their actions, fail to consider back-up strategies, and overall frenetically race through life with little regard for Murphy's Law (and their own safety).

Don't get me wrong – it's nice to know that you can call on your partner(s)/ friends(s) in need. Just last week MrS got to play “knight-in-shining armor” when the exhaust on my car decided to half fall off half-way to work. He brought me the other car (and the carjack and bailing wire to hold up the exhaust so he could drive it home) gave me a kiss and sent me on my way. Now what if MrS (or Dude) had not answered the phone, or answered the phone and were busy with something else important? STILL not a crisis. Plan B – call one of the girls at work to come get me, go to work and call a tow truck, make arrangements to rent or borrow a car, go on with my day. No crisis.


In this day and age - if you have a cell phone and a credit card there are very few true crises, most things are just inconvenient.
If you don't need 9-1-1 then it's not really an emergency.
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