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Default finding out how

I have two questions I would like to know how to let go of my primary so he can be who he wants to be?

How do you find a poly relationship??? I'm married! Have been for almost 17 years. We were married young age 19 and 21.

I want to be less caring about his interactions with his girlfriends. I want to be less jealous. The thing is he is absolutely amazing. I don't want to give him up, but I do want to allow him to be who he is!!

I think that if I were able to find a boyfriend, I may gain some hands on experience to what he is feeling. Which I would welcome another in my life. Just haven't found him yet. I feel attractive and sexy, just not sure how to pursue someone that may interest me. Should I go out on the town without my wedding band on? Flirt? I don't know if I remember how! It's been so long.
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