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Originally Posted by MariusdeRomanus View Post

Now my only issue is the one person (Thunder) who didn't come into the relationship with their own primary. We all worry about his moodiness when it comes and goes, and he's told us how sad he can get at night when everyone goes to bed with their primary, and he's by himself with no one to cuddle. We thought to fix this with a funny (but serious!) idea for a "mattress room"... a communal bedroom full of everyone's beds. Maybe this will help him at nights, but I also worry that maybe he gets unhappy with shows of affection, even though the shows are to more than just our primaries. I like to think it's evenly distributed.

Maybe this is an easier topic to find advice for.
Seem maybe in a group this large it would be easier to make sure Thunder doesn't have to go to bed alone every night ?
It may be something you have to work up to, but if all the other 'primaries' put themselves in his shoes, and think back to what some of the goals of living poly are about - i.e. sharing - that someone could crawl in with him at least occasionally. I mean...C'mon - fair is fair - right

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