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Doomed contacted me today. I kind of thought we were just done talking. Apparently not. Somehow the conversation ALWAYS gets negative. What happened, what could have been, etc. I was over it, and made a comment about how he needs to stop wallowing since it was his choice to end things. He apparently did NOT like that, and the conversation deteriorated. It ended with me basically telling him that I had no desire whatsoever to have anything to do with him if he can't even take responsibility for his actions.

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW his fiancee is the one who told him he had to choose, but he's the one who let it get to that point. Who gave her the power to dictate who can and can't be in his life. That was HIS choice. So... Yeah. Bye bye, Doomed. A friendship's never going to work with all the shit that's between us.

On the bright side... Boy and I have noticed how much nicer we are to each other these days! We have all the good stuff and none of the bad. We're both loving the lack of love or expectation of it. haha

Hubby wants to get more into the casual sex arena again - for me, though. H really enjoys group sex and seeing me with other men, so he wants to focus on making that happen. I'm all for it, but I'm not really interested in having random sex partners so we're actually going to have to take the time to get to know some guys together. I'm hoping it'll work out.

Yarn and I haven't been meshing well lately. Different priorities and experiences, I think. We've also both been kind of hormonal and off. It doesn't help that she has had zero dates and very little fun time (outside of what she and her hubby do together or with the kids) the last few months. She's expressed jealousy/envy towards me and my dating and having multiple guys striving to have sex with me. Not sure what to do there, other than to continue telling her to put herself out there and MAKE time to get out to events she's interested in.

I'm feeling less interested in Radio. Brave wigged out a bit the last time Radio and I went out which gave me a not so great sense of deja vu. He seems very self-centered, and while he's understanding of my crazy schedule and we have fun when together, I have a hard time remaining interested in anything he really enjoys discussing when I don't get to SEE the passion on his face and in his voice as he talks about it. And since we have little to no overlapping interests... I'm just not feeling it at all.
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