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Default Exactly

if you were speaking about children, equal would be the correct focus, but in a relationship, it has more to do with the "Fit" in that everyone is getting all their needs met so that they feel content. Sometimes that takes a bit of sacrifice on one or more person's part, but when it's done because you understand and desire to make adjustments for each other as opposed to a competition, the dynamic is not pulled or bent out of shape, fraught with emotional turbulence.

And hopefully it isn't some sort of sado|masochist type framework where one likes being abused and it's their comfort zone while another is comfortable abusing.

Which might fit great for certain people, but for many relationships it works when people treat each other like Nycindie mentioned, respect goes a long way towards providing the environment where a person can be emotionally healthy.

Some relationships are impossible for a person to be a part of and maintain their emotional health. Which is completely dependent upon those involved and how they treat each other, and how the "fit" together.

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