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Default Beginner's Worries

So here we are. We have come across a lovely lady who fits so well with us. It's a mutual feeling, interest, fumbling.

Nothing has happened yet, nothing more than some cuddling and some talks.

But I have worries.

The two of us live together and she lives a town away. So already the balance will be off. Boyfriend is not worried about this, but if we are to be completely equal, well I just don't see how that could be when two of us are always together and the third only is seen whenever there is a time we all have a day off together.

We have been together longer, we have history and even though I don't get jealous, I worry that if push comes to shove... well I know that I will always choose him over her. Most of it is out of necessity, as I said we live together, we are financially intertwined and I have know him longer, we have a longer track record of trust. This makes it hard for all things to be equal.

Not enough time. She has a daughter. I have school. We all have work. I'm just not sure how we will be able to make equal time. No, I know we can't make equal time.

My boyfriend believes that we can have an equal three-way relationship, and while I believe that could be a wonderful experience, I just don't believe it could be possible at this time. Not while two of us live together and the other doesn't.

Not that I'm against dating her. I would like to try. I just wish there was a way to convey this. I don't think my boyfriend realizes how idealistic he is being.
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