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Originally Posted by vanille View Post
Yes. That is where I am. For him, right now, it is about sexual fulfillment right now. If something deeper grows for him and a girl, great. But right now, he's just focused on experiencing new and different things.

We understand that we are looking for different things though and are wrapping our minds around that.
This does put a different complexion on things, as does the long and thoughtful note from the man himself, Armani.

I'm not sure what else to say. The two of you clearly do have a lot to talk about and work through, but I'm guessing, based on what the two of you have written here, that you will manage work through it. From what you've written, it seems to me you have a lot going for you.

I wonder if, maybe, a little risk taking is in order - within the bounds of safety and responsibility the two of you seem to have agreed upon - with lots and lots of talk and mutual reassurance along the way?

Actually, something my wife is struggling with in the fallout from the flame-out of another relationship may be relevant: the way to learn to trust someone is to just go ahead and trust them (though you might want to verify a little later . . . )

(It's a long story, but the wife of my wife's would-be love is now keeping him on a very short leash, hoping to rebuild trust by controlling his every move. It's a bad scene, and my wife is realizing she's well out of it.)

All the best to the two of you, and safe travels back home.
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