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Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
I guess the reason I sound so frustrated is this: One of my best friends, a single mother of two, knows that my wife and I want to do the poly thing. [...] She can’t stand shaved men. She thinks that men ‘should’ have hair and that’s the way it’s meant to be.
I understand your frustration. I think it always sucks to be rejected, and when it's not because of who you are but because of an aspect of you, it feels unfair. I definitely don't think it means all women will reject you, even among those who happen to prefer more hairs.

Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I don't think you understand - I shave both "down there" and my underarms and it does nothing to prevent me from sweating or make deodorant work any better for me.
You actually sweat more if you don't have hairs. One function of hairs (and the reason why we have them under our arms) is to trap the sweat so it can keep cooling the skin and you don't have to keep producing it. Without the hairs, unless you use anti-perspirant, you'll sweat constantly instead of just enough for the hairs to trap it and keep you cool.

While sweating had a very important purpose originally (keeping out bodies colds when it was hot and/or during exercise), nowadays we have access to showers, freezers, A/C and many other things that we can use to cool ourselves down, so antiperspirant is an option (just don't forget to regulate your temperature if you use it, but that's not that much of a risk in most technological countries).

Now, it's certainly possible to smell the sweat trapped in someone's armpit hairs. But it's not more likely than being able to smell the sweat that has dripped from them shaved armpits over their sides, onto their clothes, onto their arms and so on. So while I can absolutely believe you have a strong sense of smell and can smell some people's body odors to a bothersome degree, are you certain that the people you can smell are not shaved, or that the people you can't smell are? For all you know, both are either.
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