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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Do you prefer totally shaved partners, ALpolyman? I'm curious, not dissing your preference, whatever it happens to be.
Despite my name, my wife and I aren’t poly…yet. We were going to pursue it but she’s working on building her business and is working out some personal issues. Anyway, neither of us has any partners yet, but, if we did, I’d prefer shaved parts. I really don’t know why I’m so pro shave. I’m sure it’s due to the porn industry. Ever since I found dad’s dirty magazines when I was a kid and watched porn (but not really a lot), I thought it looked sexy. Then when I experienced the difference, I was sold. I fully admit that I’m kind of like the Tea Party is to Republicans about grooming and how the porn industry and magazines and so on are in our face about hairless bodies. With women, I’d be ok with the normal stuff shaved; armpits, legs but I’d prefer the vaginal area be trimmed at a minimum. It’s hard to get suction while focusing on the clit with a bunch of hairs in the way…sends my wife to the moon!

Tonberry, I fully accept that we are glorified apes. I guess the reason I sound so frustrated is this: One of my best friends, a single mother of two, knows that my wife and I want to do the poly thing. I’ve given some consideration to seeing how she would feel “giving us a try”. We’re very open about a lot of things. The other day, she mentioned her ex-husband had everything shaved (indicated by his shaved arms) and that was a perfect segway into the fact that I shave. She can’t stand shaved men. She thinks that men ‘should’ have hair and that’s the way it’s meant to be. I tried to counter that by saying it was only about a century ago that women started shaving and that it’s the cultural norm. My point being that why can’t we redefine what the norm is…she didn’t bite LOL. Where I’m going with this is that even if I wanted to ask how she’d feel in a poly relationship, I won’t now because of her response. I guess I got the vibe that it’s a huge turn-off so I just won’t go there.
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