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Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
I just want to put a different spin on this aside from the hygienic reasons. I don't intend to sound conceited or better than anyone else but I don't want to look like an ape.
I do. I'm a human being, human beings are apes (and mammals, and vertebrates, and animals, if you go up the classification). If you like it all shaved, good for you. I don't because I think it looks less natural/human/animal, and more artificial/doll/object.

Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
I'm not overly hairy but I love how it feels to be cleanly shaven. Skin-on-skin is so much better anyway.
Good for you but it depends on the person. As I said earlier, skin-on-skin for me means not clitoris stimulation, while hairs stimulate me.

Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
Another point I want to make is it's culturally acceptable for women to shave legs and armpits that really took off in the 1920s. It has since been associated with feminism and I really hate it when people thinks that when a man does it, that he's feminine. I get the impression that we're at a point where it's becoming more socially acceptable for men to shave but we're just not there yet.
Yes, it does suck that there is a double standard. I think it's because women have been more objectified, and there are a lot of things that have the purpose of "dolling them up"such as make-up for instance but also shaving.
It's also possible that hairs are considered intimate because they grow in intimate areas, and therefore because women more commonly wear dresses and skirts than men do, shaving their legs became a "replacement" for wearing tights in making them look less naked.
I know for instance that a lot of porn magazines shaved their females more and more so they could show more and more because what was considered indecent at the time was the hairs.

Originally Posted by ALpolyman View Post
Last, and I'm going to sound extremely short-sighted and narrow-minded here, but I just cannot understand why hairy men are attractive. Not only that, but many women are just totally turned off at the sight or thought of a man who shaves everything. All because of cultural norms. I'd just like to think that mankind can "evolve" beyond that.

Sorry if I sound like as asshole here, I don't intend to.
Attraction really varies from one person to the next. I prefer hairs because it makes me feel like I'm with a person, not an inanimate object. I prefer natural smells to perfume for the same reasons. I'm certainly not the only person in that case and I don't think it's cultural. We grow hairs when we develop sexually, it makes sense to me that it would be a trigger for being turned on.
Honestly, though, finding it less attractive and less intimate when a man is shaved doesn't mean that I would break up with him or love him less. I might also prefer a hair colour to another for isntance, or a body type to another, but that's not a dealbreaker.
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