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Originally Posted by StarTeddy View Post
What I realized was that for me, friendship is not qualitatively different from love, but that both lie on the same continuum. To me, the things that make a good friend are the same things that make a good lover, and if I get along really well with a friend, that feeling turns into romantic interest... But for him, it's not necessarily like that.

What do you guys think?
I think most people see it more like how he does. Probably because society forces people to box all of their relationships into certain categories or something?

I'm more like you, though also very different I think; it's not necessarily that every good, close relationship grows into a romantic relationship, but since I already love all my friends, it's only a matter of how far we'll have our relationship grow and how we choose to express our individual type of love.

I guess my point is that each relationship with someone is a wholly unique thing, and whatever labels we do or don't put on it, it's only about what works for you and the other person. To me, the way your friendship-romance continuum works seems a little sad. (I don't mean to diss it at all. I would just feel alienated without the ability to have close relationships with people who I can't have romantic relationships with.)

Anyway, don't mind my ranting. Love and live on. (:
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