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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I apologize for giggling. I hope you are doing ok. It's quite possible-but if so it's likely to be a HUGE world issue, because we don't all live in the same area..........
LOL It's a PANDEMIC!!! This just in... women are not the emotional basket cases. It was a big undercover plot to hide the real culprits!

I'm okay really. I'm just having a "can a girl get a break" moment... I want to be there for my men, but I can't do that when I keep getting trampled by their issues. I've been through alot recently (which you can way more than relate to) and I need to build myself back up a little. He needs space to "figure something out" So I'm being very boy and knocking a few back and I will stroll into work with my shades on and tell myself TGIF all day long... hopefully. lol
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