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I find it interesting that a lot of the posts that address emotion, tend to address only negative emotions such as jealous or fear. As if emotions are something negative that must be managed or kept under wraps. I'm not saying that emotions never need to be managed but being an emotional person isn't simply some one that needs to learn to control outbursts by being more logical.

An emotional person can be some one who is intuitively

-understanding of complex feelings
-generous of spirit

Many of the hyperlogical people I know, really struggle with some of these items which are important tools for human relationships. There are many highly valuable qualities in emotional people that seem to get overlooked. I agree that some thing like a fear of airplanes is a good thing to inject a little logic into to help balance it out. But I think it is just as unhealthy as having an intense phobia if a person is unable to empathize and they need to inject some emotion in there to balance it out.
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