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I'm one of those hyper-logical sorts, though in recent years I've learned to become more compassionate and to have greater empathy for others.

I was a bit put off by the gender stereotyping in this thread, but then realized that I've always had more male friends than female and have been often told that I think like a man.

Interestingly, learning to think more like a woman has greatly increased my satisfaction in my relationships and my ability to relate to others. I will not, however, become irrational and self-destructive because of my emotions. I accept them, and those of others, as legitimate and important and I know they cannot be safely ignored, but I will not be ruled by them.

Logic and emotion work together synergistically. Emotions can and should be examined in the light of reason. No emotions are groundless and they should be taken seriously. Emotions exist. They are facts, events with causes, and discounting or dismissing facts is not logical.
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