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Hi all, just wanting to update and touch base; we've been going to the couple therapy since Jan which has been quite a journey (!!!) and a very good experience for both of us. We are now talking about opening our relationship to agree to me having other sexual partners, gf still doesn't like the idea but feels it is a legitimate desire of mine.
I'm excited, concerned, scared, etc. (and pleased that I am all of them) wanting to be there for my sweet lovely gf in all this [I]and[I] true to myself... We are looking at how to negotiate it: what we each want; what we need in terms of agreements/boundaries (eg time, honesty/privacy etc).
I expect this will be an ongoing process that will be very challenging and potentially wonderful or disasterous for us. I know I'll find it hard to be open with her when I fear disapproval or rejection, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to explore all kinds of issues that have haunted me all my life and I'm so grateful to her for her courage and love in coming down this path with me (Oh God, I am getting soppy )
I don't know am I looking for any specific advice right now, just want to share what's happening with people who probably understand, thanks
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