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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
...he had to tell me how he felt (his words were "Fuck not saying how you feel"),- he had always respected me, been attracted to me, thought I was beautiful and liked the way I carried myself, how I think and speak, and had a lot of love for me, so if I ever needed anything, anything from him, that I should call and he would be there....

...I told him I knew this, and thank you, and that I felt the same way about him. I said it felt good to finally say it......

...this uncomfortable, nervous thing [had] started happening. I felt we had both burst open with each other, and then withdrawn....we were both obviously mostly lost in our own thoughts.
This reminds me of a dynamic I've recognized with "one night stand" type situations. Where you've gotten as close to someone as you can physically get (sexual intercourse) but not nearly as close in other ways ("What was your last name again?). This moment you "burst open w/ each other" and let all those pent up feelings out into the open, then left with "okay, now what?"

J on one side with a g/f and kids in a roughly 99% likely monogamous relationship was probably trying to wrap his head around some new concepts.
You sitting across from him, having made the decision already not to take it to a physical level and having confessed your mutual feelings.

I have a tendency to relate things to my own experience. I know the silence that comes from having too many thoughts all at once. I had it yesterday and it was stifling.

Sounds like the situation is developing; the communication lines opening back up slowly. Sometimes time is all it takes.
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