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Originally Posted by Seeker90 View Post
So I've been reading a view other posts and had a question regarding fluid bonding. Is it basically having unprotected sex with your partner and/or partners. That's the basic idea I'm getting from it.

But also that it isn't about not about birth control or std prevention, but about a connection with that person on a high/more intimate level given that everyone is clean? Is this correct, or is there anything further I should know about that subject?
Fluid bonding is an intimate act that requires a lot of trust. It basically means exchanging bodily fluids without barriers such as condoms. As I understand it, it most often goes hand-in-hand with a condom commitment, which means that you agree to always have STD-protected sex with others outside of your bond circle. If somebody breaks that commitment, it jeopardizes everybody in the circle and since HIV infection takes six months to manifest, it's considered by most a really serious boundary-break.

You don't need to have sex with somebody to be fluid-bonded. When you fluid-bond with someone, you bond with all the partners they are bonded with or have bonded with in the last six months. So in my vee, if I bonded with my sweetheart I would automatically bond with my metamour, his primary partner, as well. If she would have unprotected exchange of bodily fluids with someone new, that would break the fluid-bond, or more accurately, bond more people with me.

People who know better should really answer this, but I hope this illustrates some of what fluid-bonding means. It is an expression of trust and usually (not always) a sign of stability/primary status in a relationship. And of course people can be totally committed and not be fluid-bonded for a variety of reasons, like lack of workable birth control method other than condoms, one partner carrying an incurable STD infection already etc. And since condoms are not perfect, not everybody wants to fluid-bond ever unless it's a iron-clad poly-fi arrangement.
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