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Default We're new here!!!!

Hey people. My wife, Liz, and I are new to this whole world or Polyamory so to speak. Well, maybe not "new" as you would think. We have had numerous swinging experiences in the past, but our past relationships were never just for "sport sex". You see, we always find ourselves finding one couple or one guy or girl which we become attached to emotionally. We used to think of ourselves as "swingers", but as we matured, we realized that we are not "swingers". With the last couple, we told them about this, and they immediately put us on ignore. We really were falling for them too. It has been such a roller coaster ride. We get confused and don't know how to handle certain situations. We try to communicate with the others....but it seems to drive them further away...

So now, we have found ourselves here. Looking for like minded people who know already going in, what they are looking for, and are aware that we are poly. We are going to a gathering here in the Tampa area on Sunday. We are going in with open minds and hopefully we will see some like minded people who will help us through all this.

Anyway, enough crybabying for us for now. Hope everyone has a good day despite my gloomy intro.
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