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Ahhh ... but they do have thumbs ... The only thing that's saving us is that they're not *opposable* thumbs (yet)!

Man Rainee's thumbs may not be opposable, but should I ever "shut her out" by closing the door to my bedroom, she'll jump and jump and jump (basically forever), attempting repeatedly to grab and turn that doorknob. I'm pretty sure she knows how the door works, and she can be *very* persistent when she wants into someone's life. She wants into mine at any hours day or night, so I'd never again diss her by closing that door. ("Lady Hinge" and I only manage to pull private sex off by her shutting Rainee in the other bedroom with food as a reward for her patience/indulgence. Thank God she puts up with that sans a fuss. Guess she gets how nuts about sex those crazy humans are.)
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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