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Cool posts, people. Very cool ...

Yes, even the latest from ColorsWolf (that blithely sidestepped the alarm and concern his strongly-seeming-to-be-threatening bit in his earlier post caused for more than one fellow member here).

I took "the latest challenge" and answered -- at length as usual -- what was a essentially a carbon copy of his latest post here, but on the Why do people make such big deals at certain body parts? Why so much self hatred? thread. Seems to be a lot of cross-pollination going on between these two threads, but see the link just now provided in this paragraph, re-read his post there if desired, and then plunge down into the depths of my three-post response. Not only that, but more "domestic pet problem" posts preceded all that in that thread, so for extra credit, scroll up as well (as far as the last-halfish part of Post #165) and see some prior posts. Definitely germane to this thread, so go there and be amazed, boggled, or find yourself waking up with your forehead and slobber on your desk sometime after you get started over there.

Kinda fun/synergetic to see the posts YouAreHere and I composed independently in response to ColorsWolf's latest post here. Multiple diverse viewpoints often take the edge off the hard-to-answer questions.
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