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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
How did your parents take it?
Sorry for the late reply, my friend.

My Dad just wants me to be happy but chalks it up to an experimental stage LOL! I came out of a sixteen-year marriage in August so he probably thinks I am running wild.

My mother is just concerned about my daughter because she thinks anyone new in my life will prevent her from seeing her granddaughter. My daughter is almost sixteen and lives with her mom. The choice is theirs to stay in touch. Otherwise everything is good.

It is nice being able to talk about Redpeppper and what we do as a couple and group. Redpepper deserves to be acknowledged. But parent s are 4000 miles away!

They really don't have to understand it to see how happy I am. I beam when I see Redpepper and they can hear it in my voice when I talk about her and what we are buliding
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