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Default I say I'm poly but mono woman wants me anyway

As I'm settling my former relationship in a good way (we might even remain friends), I'm happy to feel free. Now I got to know a marvelous woman, Johanna, and we talked for a while and there were quite a few similarities. I really felt attrackted to her and I believe, she likes me, too. We started to talk about relationships and I told her, that next time I would like an open relationship, based on free will, trust, openness and respect. I said it might be, that I'd be "faithful" to a next partner, but it shouldn't be mandatory. She said quite clearly that she prefers a mono relationship. I was hesitant to ask, if she would like me to come with her. We remained that we would stay in contact one way or the other. I guess, she might want to start a relationship with me anyway and I would love it, too. But what should I do? Would it be fair?
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