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Lightbulb Thannk you

Thank you for the support, so far still rocky going on our second month all together. Its alittle frightening because she has made him choose a few times, it hurts my feelings because I know initially she pictured this as a rendezvous and she and him would continue on without me, yet he has firmly planted his feet on the ground and has continously said this isnt just a flling he loves me as much as her and will not be leaving me, he has expressed to her if she wants to leave then she can but he will not be leaving me for her. it saddens me and i have since retracted alot of emotions, i have become colder to both of my partners because im afraid if i show him affection her jealousy will surely cast a dark cloud and im afraid of opening my heart to her more and her rejecting me as a lover after i have fallen completely head over heels. Ive tried countless times to leave in hopes they can work it out without me but my boyfriend says he cannot be in a monogamous relationship with her, and he wouldnt be able to get over me. after all this we have done well more open communication and more activities done together chores at home are balanced monetary duties are up to date and we are even starting to go to the gym together. Hopefully this summer people will see us three together and be proud of us as a unit a trouple! I look forward to many more comments and opinions from anyone else. Thank you all for your warm thoughts and positive feed back and sorry for disappearing my birthday passed and i tried to make the best out of it with the ups and downs weve been having, yes it is difficult but an expirience none the less.
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