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Question New trinogamous relationship

i recently started a trinogamous relationship with my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend. He loves both of very much and so do we, so we decided totry it out. I like her aswell even though it hasn't been long i still have an emotionally and romantic attachment to her. My problem is he cheated on both of us and lied to both about one another. Its hard enough to work on this with trust issues, but not only that I feel like if im just there for no purposes. He says he loves me and wants me there that he cannot live without me, He had fallen inlove with me and cannot stand to think of me with someone else, except our girlfriend. I told him I thought it was best for me to leave the trino, yet he wont budge, he doesnt want to be with either one alone, he wants us both or none because he feels like he wont be complete without the other. We are all quite young and very new to this. I feel like sometimes leaving so they can be happy and be a normal couple without the risk of jealousy and resentment, but he just doesnt want to let either of us go and as much as I want to leave sometimes i find myself wrapped in there arms at night because those two are the best thing that ever happened to me. I dont want to grow to resent my boyfriend, does anyone have any advice on how to take the steps into transitioning to a clean slate for the three of us since this is a new relationship for all three?? I could really use some feed back.
P.S. Thank you all for this website and stories, makes me feel very much accepted into this new way of intimacy and love.

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