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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
"There are two guys I've been involved with in the past, who are still in my life, and although I don't desire getting involved with them again right now, I don't really want to cut off any possibility for the future, if it feels right."
Seriously, just cut and past NYCindie's entire message. Good language there.

Rant ahead!

I have to take issue with this agreeing to date=we are now a monogamous couple IF NO ONE SAYS SO OUT LOUD. Pardon the shouting but this really tweaks me. Not you, specifically, Wannabe, but this ridiculous convention in general. If there are no actual words in a discussion, there is no actual agreement - just assumptions that can be interpreted any which way by the people involved. People interpret silence however they want. And this leads to miscommunication, sometimes lying, and pain and hurt all around. This convention needs to die and, Wannabe, I hope you take a stab at its heart.

Rant over.
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