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This whole issue is about much more far-reaching than how slutty a woman dresses. Rape is usually never about sex, or sexual gratification of the rapist. Though it may be fueled by sex, rape is always about power, dominance, and control.

As long as society continues to devalue women's contributions, autonomy, and sexual freedom, while it continually encourages men to feel entitled to be in positions of power, certain men will try to knock down women and put them "in their place." Rape.

As long as a woman is looked at askance for expressing her truth, such as wanting to be sexual, or perhaps not wanting children; as long as she does not have control over her body; cannot choose abortion or birth control without someone saying she is doing something wrong or immoral; or as long as a woman is prevented from moving up in the workplace and when she does still makes less than what a man would make in the same position; as long as the churches still promote the Madonna/whore image of women; as long as we still have fucking beauty pageants; as long as women are objectified; as long as girls and women are taught to be catty and compete with each other for the affections of males; as long as mothers are considered non-sexual beings; as long as menopausal women are told their sex drive is dried up; as long as people still believe there is such a thing as frigidity; as long as the media sexualizes little girls; as long as advertisers use sex to sell products; as long as sex is not spoken about in "proper" social situations; as long as children are kept in the dark about what sex and sexuality is; as long as women are taught to think they are freaks for wanting sex; for wanting independence; for wanting to be in powerful positions; for wanting the same rights, autonomy, consideration, salaries, and sexual expression as men; as long as men and boys continue to see women and girls as in second place behind them; as long as prostitution is illegal and considered a criminal act; as long as society still feels shame over bodily functions and sex; then things like rape and sex trafficking will continue to take place.

It has nothing to do with wearing heels, a short skirt, and a low-fucking-cut top!

The way to stop rape is not to teach women self-defense (I don't mean they shouldn't learn it, but that this is backward thinking); the way to stop rape is to teach our boys and men, and society as a whole (because there are plenty of women who need to learn it too) to fucking cherish and respect women for all of who they are: vibrant, sexual, sensual, intelligent, capable beings who are equal to men and have a right to wear whatever the fuck they want and walk down whatever the fuck street they want at whatever time they fucking want without being in danger.
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