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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post

Now, on the other hand, if I want to absolutely avoid having my computer stolen (let's pretend I have a semester's worth of notes on it, and no backup or something), I should probably lock my door and ask my friends to keep it locked.

I think this is a great analogy actually. The problem is; how cautious do we become at the expense of freedom? And yes...their are terrible people out there who don't give two cents about your rights as a human and would just as soon hurt you as they would tie their shoes. Not just men, but women too. That is reality. I can chose to ignore that or chose to balance my actions based on that. Men get assaulted as well, we all have to be cautious at times. There are lots of ego driven guys who are just looking for a reason to kick the shit out of someone...again it becomes a matter of knowing what can trigger some one to target us and avoid it.


This is a great book that deals with safety for women. I trained with the author for four years and him and his wife are committed to educating women about how to not become victims or targets. I'm just adding this in case anyone is's not a plug.

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