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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I also think girls should be taught to be smart about understanding that not all boys/men are taught effectively. I think girls and young women do need to take some responsibility for ignoring this fact. I'll put it out there..dress like a slut, expect to be treated like a slut. That's the current reality...there are bad boys/men out there.
I don't know the specifics of the rape that resulted in the slutwalk movement. It may have been a stranger rape. But most rapists know their victims. A women's rapist is often someone they know, sometimes well, sometimes someone they love. A friend, boyfriend, acquaintance, co-worker.

I've bolded the sentence above because this reads to me like sluts are to be raped. If one acts like a slut, then one is available to be raped. I've been reading this board for a while and given your other postings, I seriously doubt this is what you meant.

The brutal truth is that women can't stop rape. It doesn't matter what women wear, where we live, etc. Women can and do take precautions and while that helps on an individual level, it's still a crap shoot. One can do everything 'right' and get raped or take insane risks and come through unhurt.

Most men don't rape but I bet those good guys know someone who has. I do not statistics to back this up. But have you (not you specifically Mono but all the guys on the board) heard someone talking about a sexual encounter and wondered, was that really what happened? Thought it sounded a little off?

Until other men make men feel shame for rape, then rape will continue at the epidemic level it is now.
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